Sad Pictures

Part 1

All of these images are pictures of where some kind of crime or bad thing happened.  These are all sad or negative stories.  Why did this person choose these specific events instead of other ones that may be worse?  I think that some of the irony is that all of the stories behind these pictures serve some kind of justice or somewhat work out for the better.  His perspective matters because he is the one that  is posting the pictures and the one that people are going to listen to.

Part 2

His perspective seems to be 3rd person because he is definitely not a person who is in the picture or story.  he is more like a voice or narrator from the outside that is presenting what happened in the story.

Part 3

If i was to write one of these stories i would probably take the same approach that he did by saying what happened, then giving something that is ironic or brings justice to the situation.


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